Playfighting sparring
Playfighting sparring

Have you been to playfighting before, and you want more?
Do you have a friend who keeps talking about the awesome time that they had at a playfighting workshop?
IPS is pleased to offer Playfighting sparring!

When: 25.02.2018 (12:00 – 15:00) or 16.03.2018 (19:00 – 22:00).
Cost: 50 PLN
Tickets can be booked HERE Even if you book your tickets online, YOU MUST EMAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE –
Where: ul. Bartycka 18, Warszawa

3 hour sparring sessions are compact, energetic, dynamic and liberating. Sparring sessions include the following 3 elements:

Consent and boundaries refresher
Playfighting exercise
Playfighting sparring

Playfighting sparring is open to all people who have attended a full weekend or one day playfighting workshop before with IPS, plus up to two of their guests. We ask that all experienced playfighters bringing newcomers take the time in advance to explain the basic principles of playfighting. This way, we are able to spend more of our time together in active exercise!

You do not need to come with a partner.

We recommend bringing soft knee and elbow pads, or at least clothing that covers your knees and elbows (in order to avoid rugburn). Workshop language Polish & English

Playfighting sparrings are run by 2 of either Agata, Sarah, or Patrycja.

Dr. Agata Loewe is an experienced space holder, in addition to being a practicing Muay Thai fighter and an advocate for body positivity and conscious sexuality. She has many years of experience as a practicing therapist and is an avid and enthusiastic Playfighter.

Sarah Martin is a Certified Sex Coach and a Warrior Woman, with a passion for teaching consent as a tool for developing personal power. She is an experienced event facilitator and entertainer, and has a deep passion for Playfighting.

Patrycja Wonatowska is a sexologist and therapist, as well as an experienced group facilitator. She learned the art of playfighting from Sarah and Agata, and brings energy, enthusiasm, and joy to playfighting sparrings.

Agata and Sarah learned the art of Playfighting from Frank – a German martial arts master and Sheila – an Austrian dance and shiatsu expert.

You can learn more about Frank and Sheila at their website:

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