Exploring Feminity
Exploring Feminity

You do not have to look for anything; correct anything. Femininity is in You! Sometimes, it’s in the background. You just need to get it out. You need to refresh the path that leads to it.

When: 11.03.2018, 18:30-20:30. Doors open at 18:20, and no one will be admitted after 18:40 to allow safety and privacy in the group process.
Cost: 100 zł. Tickets can be booked HERE or by emailing smartin@pozytywnaseksualnosc.pl
Where: Instytut Pozytywnej Seksualności/Sex Positive Institute, ul. Dobra 4 lok. 26, Warszawa

Limited to 10 participant places.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A greater sense of what femininity can be for you
  • How to embody femininity and incorporate it into your life
  • New perspectives and life stories

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guide group discussions around femininity & sexuality
  • Exercises for awakening your sensory and emotional awareness
  • Individual, pair, and group exercises

There are many aspects of femininity and depending on where you are and where you live, some of them may be more or less current.

Femininity is yours and no matter how much you try to fit into the overall vision of what you should be, how femininity should look, if it is not yours it won’t ring true. By trying to fit a certain mold, we give up conscious contact with our own femininity.

What grounds you in your femininity is the development of flexibility both in the body and in the mind, through which you establish responsible and non-accidental contact with you inner world and your needs. In this way, you can express yourself more fully and give yourself more space to be you.

The aim of this workshop is to offer you a new perspective. Knowing yourself can be the first step in paying attention to certain qualities, such as: softness, strength, stiffness, power, flexibility, expression, spontaneity, which help can help you to express yourself more fully and joyfully in a conscious way.

People of all genders who are interested in exploring their femininity are welcome to come – the work will be personal to you, exploring your own femininity.

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